Monday, December 5, 2011

the world wants me to be fat!!

My rant today is that I think the world wants me to be fat. I have been so committed to eating healthy and staying thin...we all know that the 15/6 is the key. I do great with fact my days look more like 5/6. But there is my rant.....I got diagnosed with a sinus infection and double ear infection (doc said my eardrums looked about to burst) so I am in some pretty intense pain almost all the time. In addition to the antibiotics (which don't seem to be working) he has me on 800ml of ibuprophen every 4 hours WITH FOOD, and Tylenol w/codine every two hours or as needed WITH FOOD!!!!! My pharmacist was very clear that since I am taking so much ibuprophen AND the tylenol with codine, I need to eat a fullish meal with every dose....not simply a piece of cheese or a snack. He is talking like a full sandwich or better. So I am trying really really hard to time my meals with meds but if you do the math there are way to many doses and I simply don't want to eat that much. GRRRR. I have a call into the doc to see if he can change my perscription to vicodin which is fine for me to take with just a nibble. I can try to adjust the ibuprophen to fit in my mealtimes and then hopefully things will be ok....I gain 3 lbs since Ive been taking this stuff!! So pisses me right off!! In other news, We got our christmas trees put up yesterday. One huge 13 foot in the living room and then each of the kids have a small one in their rooms. My hubby flocked two of them and they look wonderful. I love Christmas season!!! Thats it for now...have a great day everybody~

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