Thursday, December 1, 2011

Low again!

Hey everybody....this morning I hit my low weight again 123.5. Who hoo! I wasn't trying to lose but I was trying not to gain for sure. This is an unexpected bonus for the day and probably really the only good thing that happened for sure. I went to the doc and was at 125 fully clothed...yay....but found out that I have a sinus and double ear infection...Have had it for quite some time which explains the dark circles and puffy eyes...the doc game me some meds and I think I should be on the mend soon. I sure hope so! In other news, hubby's car should be out of the shop tomorrow and cost the 200.00 they quoted us. My kids are doing a performance tomorrow at their school and I am going to hang out with my co-mommy for awhile for a venting session. Somehow she always makes me feel better at the end of it all. Now that my insurance kicked in I should be able to start getting my medical issues sorted out so I am very excited about that. I am hoping to find a better resolution to my allergy problems, which in turn should make the headaches go away and possibly help with the insomnia too. I also want to get a regular ole blood panel done and have my hormones tested. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago and I want to make sure that my body is producing the right amount of whatever hormones I am supposed to have. yada that is what is on my mind right now. My question of the day.....has anyone figured out a good sugar free sugar cookie recipe??? LOL. There probably isnt any such thing but I have to ask because I do love to bake and decorate sugar cookies at Christmas time... :)


  1. Randi, congrats on hitting your low weight! I've been thinking about getting a blood panel done also and checking my hormones. I've never done that ever and since I went thru an early menopause (at about 47), I also would like to know if I'm balanced and if it even makes a difference. I'm still waiting on the sugar free Christmas cookie recipes. I'm hoping Dawn will come up with something fabulous! Have a great weekend!

  2. Yay on your weight getting back down! Sorry about the sinus and ear infection. Do you ever use a neti pot, or the spray bottle version of the neti pot? My husband uses that to help stay on top of his allergies.

  3. I have the spray bottle and use it occasionally but it seems to dry my nose out if I use it very often and that is really uncomfortable. I am hoping the antibiotics kick in and clear it up soon. The pressure under my eyes is killing me...and my ears itch bad inside because of the pressure on my ear drums...ugh. I want to pop them myself just to relieve the pressure!! LOL.