Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Serious Scare Today!

Hey everybody....I had a great day today right up until the time where we "lost" one of the kids. It was very scary because last week on the news we were informed we had a pedophile report of a man trying to lure kids into a needless to say when he went missing and neither his mom nor I had him....we all sort of freaked out for a little bit until we figured out he had called one of the grandparents and they came and picked him up....and nobody called or left us a note....OMG scary! So otherwise I had a great day, I had my typical psyllium husk mix when I woke up, a breakfast burrito about 11am and then a bunch of snap pea crisps. I love those things!! Sooo yummy. I havent eaten dinner and I probably won't because I am just not hungry. Probably because of the post nasal drip from my allergies....blech! I need some new foods to eat so I am going to be doing my research over the next couple of days before I go grocery shopping, which I desperately need to do. Unfortunately, hubbys car just broke down...wheel bearing...and its going to cost a couple hundred to get fixed. Not a lot for car repairs but after the ton of money we spend on Black Friday and how much we still have to get....its an "ouch" for sure! Ah well, I am just thankful he has a car to break down and that his dad works at the same place so he doesn't have to steal my Jeep to go to work!! LOL. Well thats it for today...still holding at 125.5. Gotta have hubby help me measure one of these days...its been months! Have a skinny day everybody!!

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