Tuesday, November 29, 2011

40th Birthday

Hey everybody.... I am turning 40 on the 6th of next month....yes 40...the big four-oh. Anyone who has already passed this milestone please bear with me as I FREAK OUT a little bit! First off let me say that I am much more comfortable turning 40 having lost nearly 30 pounds and having quit smoking. I feel and look much better. Blah blah blah....so now about how I really feel. I want to hold on to 39 until you pry it from my hands with me kicking, screaming, scratching and clawing until you give up. I don't want to turn 40. I don't want to think of my life as being 1/2 over or nearly so. I demand to know where exactly the time went and why don't I remember when I went from thinking that I have my whole life ahead of me to "Oh crap, we need to start saving for retirement like 10 years ago". I don't remember the change....which also freaks me out. Something so significant, I want to remember it! I love being in my thirty somethings....still young enough to have a good time and be fun but not so young that you make bad choices doing it....all the maturity, none of the aches and pains. And then so quickly it goes POOF! The 40's start looming...creeping up on you....sneaking....watching.....waiting....until that one special day. BAM! They grab you and choke the life right out of you....HAPPY BIRTHDAY... you are now 40 and a whole new level of maturity sets in....my kids will no longer think Im cool and sooner rather than later, grand babies will be along. *sigh* So on that note....if you have stuck with me long enough to get here....I need some good ideas for a sugar free birthday cake. I have decided that since I truly cannot avoid turning 40...I am going to rally the troops, have a huge party and leave my 30's with a bang...probably drink a lot and dance like there is no tomorrow but I definitely want a birthday cake!!! I don't like the smell of regular cake anymore so simply having a few bites is not going to work...I need a sugar free cake. I have about a week so lets hear it ladies!!! Thanks for listening!!

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