Wednesday, December 7, 2011

40 didn't kill me.....

Hey turning 40 didn't kill me but it was much harder to get out of bed with one foot in the grave!!! LMAO! Just kidding. I ran some errands today and did a little thrift shopping....can I just say how much I LOVE thrift shopping. I found myself a pair of jeans and got a bunch of tshirts for my hubby. I also got a bag for my laptop and a cool picture/sign thingy for my house. I was totally a bad girl and only had psyllium husks and my vitamins until 330 this afternoon and then I had a burrito thingy when I got home. It was all BFC approved but I just didn't eat enough. Bad Randi. I have a nasty headache from my allergies and one of my boys has a wrestling meet tonight so I have to keep this short but I will say that I need to go shopping so bad so I have some easier quick BFC food within reach. Rosalie and Amber, you guys rock and totally inspire me to try to be creative with my food even though I hate the kitchen!! It so totally helps to have such a great circle of friends on here...I have noticed that only a few people comment on my blog anymore so I think I lost a bunch of my followers when I switched my blog addy......*sigh* guess they will find me eventually! Have a great day everyone and Rosalie....I still want to call you soon but with the craziness of my sick kids I haven't had time to pick up the phone. I can't wait to hear you Jorge story personally!! Randi

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  1. Happy Birthday Randi! Forty wasn't too bad for me, it was turning fifty last year that I found depressing! I noticed that on Rosalie's blog that her listing of your blog goes to some disconnected link! If anyone is using her blog to get to yours maybe that's why there is a problem! Maybe when you re-did your blog your link got messed up on other's blogs too.