Thursday, December 8, 2011

Strep....oh boy!

Hey I woke up with a 101 plus temp this morning....I feel so nose and throat are feeling sticky. You know that feeling you get just before you get super sick....yep that. So I've just been laying around the house with my sick boy watching tv and stuff but I really want to just curl up and sleep for a month until I feel better!! I haven't been eating well today....mainly because I haven't been eating much at all. I don't think being sick counts as long as I don't eat bad food. It is not possible to eat 6 carb servings a day when I feel this sick. Oh wow, I fell asleep in the middle of writing this blog....thats new! So I guess I'd better get off of here and get some rest so I can function....looks like I will have to cancel my bday bash....I'm bummed....but keeping my fingers crossed that maybe I will have a miraculous recovery by saturday....wish me luck!! Randi


  1. HI Randi, First I hope you feel better soon.
    I really had no idea you changed your blog name. I fixed it on my list now. I was wondering why I didn't see any updated from you this past week on my dashboard. DUH!!

    Feel better:-)

  2. Yeah it's fixed! Hope you feel better soon! Sometimes sleep is the best thing for you.

  3. Hey girl! I lost your blog, so I am sorry for not keeping up! I just found you again and am going to have to catch up. Hope you are feeling better soon - this stuff is going around in my house as we speak as well. Blah!