Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hey everybody. I havent been blogging that much lately because it seems like most of what I have to say is redundant right now. I'm doing great with the BFC........ Ive been on it for six months now..... hit my goal weight 3 months in and have just been hanging there fluctuating a pound or two for the past three months. It's easy for me. I hardly count anything but sugars anymore...I do sort of a rough tally of carbs in my head but I am not even real serious about that. My body lets me know immediately wwhen I am going too far off track so it never gets out of control. Most of you also know that I quit smoking using Chantix. I am 32 days smoke free...yay! I only did the chantix for 3 1/2 weeks because I started having massive belly aches and was starting to throw up. Im not entirely sure it was the Chantix but 30% of people experience those side effects so I quit taking it. I have been off the Chantix for 10 days now so it is out of my system and I am still doing great. I got a little moody for a couple of days after the drug left my system but thats over now and it wasn't even as bad as a mild pms attack so I am really happy about that.

My allergies seem to have calmed down to a tolerable level....yay! I still have symptoms when I drive near certain pollens or grass being cut etc but at least if I get away from it quickly I dont get the all day headache anymore. I am just not going anywhere that I know my allergies are going to bother me. So yep, I pretty much stay at home. lol. I can go to the lake as long as I plug my nose all the way there because there are some nasty pollens out there but thankfully its a really short drive so its totally doable. Still don't go out to my inlaws house which means I don't ride anymore. For a few reasons, I decided it would be best to give her my horse back. It was fun while it lasted, but not meant to be. :) I am totally ok with that now. It was hard at first but now I am actually happy to be more focused on my family.

So that's about it. I have been reading everyones blogs and I am really proud of you are doing so great! Katie with the awesome pics! Rosalie.....keep doing those nails girl! Of, course Amber who always has great reviews and ideas on her blog....and welcome back to Sheri....glad to see your blogging again! Life is good everybody....keep on BFCin!


  1. It's good to hear that you are doing well. I am very proud of you for the not smoking thing and BFC at the same time. Well done Girl. Have a great day :-)

  2. Hi Randi! I have read a little bit of your blog, but for some reason lost track a while back. I have joined your site now, so I will get updated when you post. I missed that you got to your goal! Great job! And great job quitting smoking - that's not an easy thing to do.