Thursday, July 21, 2011

two weeks!

Two weeks of no smoking! I haven't gone crazy or gained a pound! I have hit a couple of moments of fairly high emotional stress and didn't think of reaching for smokes or food (not that I have ever been a stress eater) so I am very excited about that. I feel very good about myself right now. lol. In celebration of the two week event, I got my eyebrows waxed and took my Jeep through the carwash. Then I came home and did the whole vacuume and armour all on the interior. I even got a new air freshner and my Jeep looks and smells great! It is nice to have a clean ride! Probably won't stay this clean for long but at least for now it is! The "bad" news....which isn't really bad but just inconvenient.....I am down to two pairs of jeans that fit! I shrunk out of the rest and didn't buy more because really it is supposed to be SUMMER! It isn't. It has barely reached over 70 here and has been overcast or raining pretty much the whole summer. Definately not weather for complete summer attire so my two pairs of jeans are getting a workout. I keep putting off shopping for more because I keep thinking it will snap into the 90's overnight and I won't need hasn't. I finally broke down and went to the Goodwill and bought some fleeces. Who knew I would be shopping for those to wear in July?? I am not complaining because I love the mild rainy weather....especially because of my allergies but it does pose some wardrobe problems because I lost so much weight that I have had to replace my entire wardrobe except my socks and I can't decide whether to buy summer stuff or break down and just go for fall/winter clothes since it doesn't seem like we will even have much of a summer this year. For example, right now it is 61 degrees and I have my fireplace going....... bizarre! Well,

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  1. Wow that's weird weather. It's hot over here. I was gonna say go to the thrift store for some clothes for now.
    That is so great about the no smoking and the weight. You should be very proud of yourself. :-)