Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 11 on Chantix and 5 months on the BFC!

Hey Everybody.....I am amazed that I have been on the BFC for 5 has gone by so incredibly fast! I am still holding at my goal weight of 124 so I am really happy to find that maintaining my weight is really easy....even through quitting smoking! Its day 11 and I feel great! I have stopped thinking of having a cigarette at various times through the day. It anything, i think about how I don't have the urge to smoke and I am excited that it has gone so smoothly. I was worried about wanting to smoke when I have a drink but even that hasn't happened so I figure I am just about home free here....LOL. I am to the point where I am intentionally putting myself in situations that should be triggers....just to see if I get the far nothing. :) Each time I pass my little "tests" I do a happy dance! Oh, I have to say though that at Bohemia Mining Days (a town fair for my little hole in the wall) I had some fried bread. I left of the cinnamon and sugar but as you all know from reading my blog.....breads are a weakness for me. I have no idea how much sugar was in it but I know it was way over on carbs. I figure one piece of fried bread a year is probably ok. LOL. My tummy didn't think doesn't like white breads anymore. But it was so worth it.....I savored every bite and was just really thankful that I am at a point in my maintenance that I can make the choice without totally screwing up my goal for weight loss. If I hadn't been at my goal weight and maintaining for a month or two already, I would not have risked eating that treat. I have a date with fried bread the same time next year. LOL.

On another note, it rained yesterday almost all day long. The good news is that it knocked the pollen down and I got to weed my entire front yard, plant flowers, hang some hanging flowers and just make it pretty. Beforeyesterday it really looked like an episode of "After People" where it shows how fast nature takes over if there are no people to mow and weed and such. LOL. Today I am going to tackle the back yard. It will be far easier because its smaller and has tiny little flower beds. Plus my hubby got the weed wacker working so he can edge the yard which makes a huge difference in how it looks. Another trip to the store for flowers...some weeding....and a little slave labor and we should have it looking as nice as the front in just a couple of hours! Sweet!

I hope you all have a great weekend....BFC and smoke free!


  1. Congrats Randi on your success on the bfc and 11 days smoke free!!!! I am so glad to hear the chantix is working so well for you...have a great rest of your weekend :)

  2. That is fantastic that you are doing so well with the quitting smoking. That is a feat in itself along with the BFC.
    Have fun gardening. :-)