Tuesday, June 7, 2011

looking forward....

Hey everybody.... I'm looking forward to several things this summer.....one of which is sporting my bikini! I think the biggest summer challenge will be eating enough....when its hot, I like food even less than normal which is to say that I don't eat much at all. I am going to have to focus on making sure I eat enough that I don't mess up my metabolism. I am working on a strategy for that. For me, prior planning is essential to my success. I have to do a minor shopping trip for summer bfc foods and get some more psyllium husks today....ran out yesterday so I didn't get them in this morning and I can already tell! I will get them in by noon so hopefully won't suffer too much. Lol! The weather here is still overcast and smells like rain. I love this weather but the kids are starting to complain that they aren't going to get a summer. Lol. Its all good. ;-)

Have great BFC day everybody!


  1. Your photo is very nice. YOu have a great looking family.
    I think the key for me is to eat 3 times a day and make sure that I never get hungry. That is the key.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Thanks! Its only missing one son but he lives in Ohio so not much chance of getting him on on the family photo...as it is another son is now in Alaska so we were lucky to get the 7 all together!