Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Food journal for 6/7

English muffin w cream cheese and natures hollow jelly 3/2 (28 carbs) 4 fiber
1 egg roll 1/1 can't remember exact carbs but its 1 serving
2.5 T psyllium husks and 16 oz water 0/1 12g carbs 10g fiber
2 slices peppered turkey 0/0
33 oz peach tea w 0 Carb stevia
3 cups coffee with stevia and 0/0 creamer
Turkey and pepperjack on orowheat light 3/1 18 g carbs 7 fiber

Not quite a typical day as I usually front load my day with carbs and eat protein only for dinner but not having my psyllium husks this morning messed me up lol!

Daily totals 7/5. 21 g fiber plus what was in the egg roll. There is a little bit but I Cantrell remember how much. I usually get 25 to 30 g fiber daily.


  1. Not a bad day but I don't see anything green on there. TSK, TSK... :-)
    Have a good day ...

  2. There was cabbage in the egg roll. LoL! I eat lots of green when it gets hot...not hot yet so salad doesn't sound good. Lol