Monday, May 2, 2011


My rant today is mainly a gripe session. Lol. Last weekend at the horse clinic Rio was being a little resistant to training and I wound up getting a minor injury. Not a big deal but I also go whiplash and my neck isn't getting any better. In fact the last couple of days it seems to be getting the point I'm having difficulty turning my head and I can't get comfortable. Its really starting to make me mad. Grrrr. Then my weekend went by so fast it didn't feel like a weekend at all! I'm sure this is how all working people feel but I'm still a newbie to this so I'm reserving my right to bitch about it. Lol. On a good note....a got a new pup last week and he is learning fast! He know sit...stay (for small periods of time)...down....blanket....leave it...and he is learning how to walk on a leash and come. I am also teaching him how to "sneak" or belly crawl. Its very cute. I will post some pics of him soon. My future plans are to have him ride Rio with me and also do some agility training. I am pretty excited about that. The other gripe I have is allergies.....holy crap they are bad this year! I've been feeling like I'm getting sick for a few days....running a low grade fever and super congested but now I'm starting to think of is probably allergies. It is overcast and humid today and I feel much better than yesterday when it was sunny and breezy so I think I might have my answer. Grrr. And people think I'm crazy because I like the rain! Lol

Ah well, life is still good.... I am still losing weight...I'm down to 7 lbs until I reach my ultimate goal. You can't hate that!!!

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