Saturday, April 30, 2011

Keeping the pace...BFC

Hey everybody....I just wanted to report that I am down another pound! I hit 131.5 this morning! Only 1.5 more to go till I hit my goal. My total loss is officially 18.5 pounds. Unofficial its more like 21. Either way, I am solidly in the healthy and ideal weight range for my height. yay!! What I have been eating to achieve this result is:

2.5T of psyllium husks in 8 oz of water followed by another 8 oz to chase it. I do this right when I wake up.
1/2c Uncle Sams cereal with 1/2c of Almond Milk and a packet of Stevia or the cream cheese toast on Orowheat Light with Natures hollow preserves. two slices. I eat this an hour or so later.
No morning snack...
I eat lunch early around 11ish. I typically have a sandwich on Orowheat light. Tuna, smoked turkey, ham, roast beef,or rotisserie chicken and romaine lettuce. Sometimes cheese and tomato. Or I have a salad with chicken, cheese, tomato, and whatever other low sugar/Carb veggies I have on hand. I use ranch dressing.
I eat an afternoon snack. Usually almonds, pudding made with xylitol, pepperoni and string cheese or very rarely pop chips.
Dinner is random but very nearly all protein and no carbs or sugar. Last night I had a nice wedge of pork shoulder. If I have Carb servings left I will treat myself to a baby red potato.

My drinks: I drink peach tea made with stevia......a lot of it. Its herbal, no caffeine. I drink coffee....about a half pot throughout the day. I get french vanilla flavored coffee and use a 0 Carb stevia and a half teaspoon of non dairy powdered creamer. I don't count my drinks because I sip on them all day long and the count is so low to begin with. I occasionally indulge in a so be life water as well but again, I sip so don't really count it.

I do occasionally have a zevia soda....a couple times a month but I drink it with a meal so I can include the Carb count in that.

Things I avoid....besides the obvious..... corn, all fruits except berries, breads except orowheat light, pasta of any kind, and ALL artificial sweeteners. I use 0 Carb stevia, josephs sweetdner syrup, maltitol and xylitol exclusively.

Other things I eat to shake things up: berry smoothie from the bfc book. I use flax oil instead of barleans. Brownies from the bfc book...yum! The homemade icecream, and when I have time I make flax muffins....with a little butter and some stevia.....oh la'la!

Fyi.....I have only been to the gym once since starting the bfc for a yoga class. This was all accomplished doing my normal daily activities which range from couch potato to super sports mom to horse and dog trainer.

Have an awesome BFC day!


  1. Randi, congrats on your weight loss and thanks for sharing your menu with us. I know a lot of people find that so helpful. I love those brownies from the his book too they are my favorite dessert. You mentioned pudding with xylitol do you make your own? Keep up the great work you are doing.

  2. How do you make your pudding, from scratch or a box?

  3. I am so proud of you ! You are doing so good and all your meals sound great.
    Have a great weekend :-)

  4. Jello and snack pack both make jello pudding cups with xylitol or maltitol. They also make them with artificial sweetners so check the label. They make a yummy chocolate vanilla swirl, plain chocolate, vanilla and this dulce de leche flavor that is also very good. They do have a minute am out of sucralose but it is the third to last ingredient and xylitol being the second or third ingredient. I'm am OK with that because the taste is super yummy and I have found no adverse effects.

  5. Awesome!!! Thank you for sharing the pudding info :)