Sunday, May 15, 2011

Good morning everybody! I got to have a surprise date night with my hubby. All the kids but one were elsewhere for the evening so we took off and went to the movies. It is a rare occasion so we had a lot of fun. :) I had been looking for some movie and game snacks online and decided to get some sugar free jelly bellys. They are made with maltitol but do have a tiny bit of sucralose. I eat treats with less than 2% every now and then so I was excited to find out about the jelly bellys. We drove out of our way to a store that was supposed to have them. They didn't but I did find a few other sugar free treats that worked. Off to the movies we went. We saw Priest which is 3D.....very good movie. I ate popcorn...more than I should have.....and some of my treats. I snuck in my own soda so all was good! I did eat way too much though. I didn't gain any weight but this morning my tummy is telling me that I over did it. LOL. I love that my body says "Hey, dumbass! Stop eating so much junk....I don't like it!" long before the weight changes for the worse. I am pretty sure that I won't gain weight again because of that. LOL. I am glad I found some things I can eat when I have a game or movie night with my hubby but I also learned that my body only wants me to have a little bit of it at a time. Today is going to be a total relaxation day for me....just do a bit of laundry and keep the house picked up but otherwise just relax and chill with my family. I havent had one of those days in quite awhile so I am looking forward to it. Usually something comes up and off I go. I am going to make every effort to make sure that doesn't happen today. Wish me luck!!


  1. I hope your day stays relaxing and peaceful...we all need those days. :)

  2. Usually when I go to the movies now - I only have the popcorn. I realize that I can't eat like I did before. So no milkduds for me anymore.
    Have fun with the family. :-)