Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy and beyond.....

Good morning everybody. Yes, its Monday so it isn't all that great but I hope everybody enjoyed thier weekends. Mine was busy as usual....two of my kiddos (Ally and Drew) had a soccer game, which they won, on Saturday followed by a baseball game with one of the boys (Colbey). Ross had a baseball game on friday and I left right after he finished playing to go on a trail ride. I had intended to stay home on Sunday and rest but I got a text saying "Rio wants to know if he gets to go on the poker ride with Zip" (Rio and Zip being the horses) LOL. So I got my boots on and headed out for a nice poker ride. I didn't win anything but I had a great time and got to work on a few trail skills. My awesome hubby stayed home and took care of the kiddos, finished up the laundry, made sure the kids got thier chores done and got things ready for school today. I so owe him!! hehe. Ross's last game is today so right after work I get to go watch him play again. I believe my Mom and Dad are coming up for this one. He starts football at the end of the month so thing should slow down just a bit here. I love watching my kids play sports but 3 to 5 games a week gets old in hurry!

As far as the BFC goes, I have stabilized at around 129 right now. No worries....this is my pattern. Lose awhile, stabilize, repeat. I only have 4ish pounds to go so I am really happy with it all. I had a realization yesterday that had me in the giggles. I am not a fat person anymore. LOL. I guess I never made that "connection" because I was so focused on the goal that I didn't realize it. Most of the people in my life tell me that I was never fat to begin with but to me I was my version of fat, overweight, unhealthy or whatever politically correct term you want to use. Bottom line, I had 22 pounds of "fluff" that needed to go!! I am still eating darn near the same thing everyday (except my movie night) and I have been having great results. I do need to up my water intake again, it has slipped and I am feeling the difference. My body tells me long before it becomes a problem. I am getting slightly bored with my food so I am going to spend some time making a list and thinking of some things to substitute for awhile.....then go grocery shopping on Wednesday after work. Not my favorite chore but it needs done. I will post my new menu when I decide what it is I am going to eat.

I hope everyone has a good Monday and a great week!!


  1. I wish I had access to a horse, it sounds like you always have such fun.
    22lbs is such a great feat!! And 129 sounds real small to me, but I remember you saying that you were short right?
    I am 5'7" and 154 looks so great on me from the 238 that I was.
    And you know what? Those last 4lbs for the both of us might not come off. And that's OK to me. I feel great.
    Have a nice day :-)

  2. It is a lot of fun! Without my awesome mom on law, I would be horseless too. Yes, I am rater vertically challenged...5'4 and a smudge. The charts give me anywhere between 115 and 145 depending on body type, bone density yada yada. I chose a middle of the road goal because I have more of a boy butt, not much of a waist, and when I gain weight....goes right around my middle....too skinny and I wont look like a girl at I'm pretty sure the last 4 will come off but I'm ok with it if they don't. I'm just glad I was able to lose what I wanted and have gotten healthier for the long run.=)

  3. Rather....smidge. ...stupid predictive text. Lol

  4. Hi Randi!!! I just wanted to recommend the most delicious bread on the face of the earth. OROWEAT NUTTY GRAINS!!! I hope you're able to get it and try it. It has 5 gms. fiber per slice. One slice is all you need because the slices are pretty big compared to Oroweat Light. Two Jimmy Dean sausage patties and a slice of Nutty Grains with a cup of tea, and I'm set for the day.

  5. I will definately check it out!