Monday, April 18, 2011

will power and conviction.....

Ok, this is something I have to share. I was out with my hubby and littlest girl today running some errands and such. We all got hungry so we decided to have chinese. I have always been able to find something I can eat wherever we go so I wasn't all that worried. The restaurant didn't have the nutritional info available. I looked at the menu....and looked, and looked. I really didn't see anything I was confident to be belly good. So I had hot tea with stevia and watched the river while they ate lunch. The waitress kept suggesting things that were supposed to be "healthy" but I didn't budge. On the way home we stopped at the health food store and I got a few things I was running out of and then I had a tuna sandwich with my belly good bread when I got home. It was hard to pass up chinese.....I haven't had it in forever. I love love love pan fried noodles. When we were at the store, I looked at the carb count in a bowl of pan fried noodles.....91g of carbs in one smallish bowl! I am soooooo glad I stayed strong and didn't eat those. The ten minuets of yummy would have been really bad for my belly!! Not to mention how disappointed I would have been in my self. So here is to will power and conviction!!!!


  1. Whoo hoo, way to go!!! I have to share that on friday after reading your blog It hit me, if I am as good and as you I might acutally see success faster and you have been inspiring me to say no to the small cheats which add up to be belly bad. Kudos for will power and conviction :) :) :)

  2. Great job on passing on the noodles. I was at costco the other day and the had some samples of licorice and I decided to try a couple of pieces and then looked at the bag after the fact.....They had almost my whole day of sugar in those two tiny pieces. Man I almost cried. Not worth it in the long run next time I will be like you and stick to my guns.

  3. Thank you both for the encouragement! It is nice to have a great support group!!! Thankfully, everyone in my life is supportive as well and it definately makes it easier. I love that my outside is now showing how I feel on the inside! It is worth every moment of challenge that I have faced! Thanks ladies!