Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the pay off....

Hey everybody..... so you all know I passed on Chinese last night...the payoff, another pound lost! I am down another this morning to 133. I am so so so glad that I managed to stick with it in my little moments of weakness. I read somewhere that if you "cheat", you aren't cheating the diet, you are cheating yourself. This little way of thinking has helped me stick with it and not cheat. I am forever tempted by breads and whenever I get that temptation I always ask myself if it is worth cheating on myself.....the answer for me is always no. When I made the choice to be healthy, it wasn't purely for weight loss....it was for life, for my kids, future grandkids, my husband and myself. No amount of pretty birthday cake, yummy smelling bread, or whatever else is worth my health. As we know, even small bites can be loaded with sugar and causes our insulin levels to spike and store fat. No thank you. I have come too far and worked to hard to create a healthy lifestyle to be swayed by a few bites here or there. I like the feeling of accomplishment and success more than a few moments of cheating myself out of a healthy body....no matter how good it smells! So that is how I see things....and how it works for me.

Have a great BFC day everybody!

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  1. That is such a healthy and great way of thinking. That is what I have said many times. Don't cheat cause you are only cheating on yourself.
    Have a great day!