Tuesday, April 19, 2011

every extra pound......

I wanted to share a little thing I ran across some time ago. I have semi bad knees....they ache sometimes to the point of me wanting to scream. In researching, I read that every extra pound you carry exerts and extra 5 pounds of pressure on your knees! So I have lost 17 pounds....times that by 5.... thats 85 pound of pressure my knees used to have on them every single step I took! Don't quote me on the numbers....its been awhile since I saw that little bit of info.....google it and be sure to let me know if I have it wrong. Either way, since the weight loss, my knees have felt 100% better! They haven't hurt at all in the last couple of months! I am sure the same is true for ankles, feel and even hip joints...so that is just one more motivating aspect of losing the weight!!

Stay BFC strong!


  1. I used to have tingling and major swelling in my feet and ankles - now 83lbs gone and all that gone too.

  2. I have major knee pain from being over weight and I too have noticed a difference since losing 25 lbs. I hope I see a even better result when I lose the rest. (50 more)