Monday, April 18, 2011

another half pound ;)

Hey everybody.... it's a good day....down another 1/2 pound for a total of 16! Only four more to go to my origonal goal! whoot whoot! My littlest girl is sick today with a fever so I get an unexpected day off work. I do have to take her to the doctor and run a couple of other errands but hey, I will take extra time with her anytime! I just hope she doesn't get me sick! Hopefully my eating habits are keeping me healthy! hehe. I might have some time today to clean my closet too...that would be good! It is always a surprise what goes on around here....LOL. I also need to get to the grocery store for some more belly good stuff. The market I go to is 30 min away so I haven't had time to get there in a while. I am hoping I can make it today so I can stock up on the food I need. It would certainly help make packing lunch a bit easier! Looks like no rain today.....FINALLY! I have so many ideas on what I want to try to get accomplished that I can't settle on any plan of action right now. lol. I will get it figured out right after I drop my son off at school. One thing I learned about the BFC and me. If I do the psyllium husks first thing in the morning and then eat Uncle Sam's cereal an hour or two later.....I can go till 3 or 4 pm without being very hungry. I try not to do it all that often because it isn't the smartest idea but I have figured out that if my day is busy and I am not sure when I will get lunch, if I do that in the morning, I don't get so hungry that I feel sick or anything. I can be flexible with the rest of the day and it works out quite nicely. Have a great BFC day!!


  1. Awesome Randi!!!! you are such a rock star, you truly inspire me to be a little stricter with the bfc, I have struggled with little bites of cake here and there and several hard candies at work.
    I hope your daughter feels better soon!!! Have an awesome monday :)

  2. Hi Randi, sorry about your daughter, hope she will feel better soon.
    I don't recommend that you wait that long to eat. I have learned that it is always best to eat 3 meals a day. That way you won't be tempted to cheat.
    have a good day :-)