Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey's been a few days since I've had both the time and energy to rant....things have been crazy lately. We had to put a horse down yesterday. He was my Grandma's horse but has been ridden by just about every family member at one time or another. My mom in law rode him for years on a Drill team, then my oldest daughter did a year on him too. My youngest daughter had been riding him and taking care of him since last summer. She was looking forward to really learning how to ride on him this year. When we lost Jaz, I don't think any of us knew how many people he touched. There were posts on FB and emails from people we forgot had rode him....but they remembered. It was a really hard day yesterday and today was only a little easier. My littlest stayed home from school and came to work with me on the farm. She wrote a little note for Jaz and had her own private little ceremony. We talked a lot about him today and looked at a bunch of pictures. I am glad that she is finding a healthy way to grieve but oh boy is it ever hard to watch her go through that! On the upside, I am continuing to lose weight and I am feeling GREAT! Despite the stress, sadness and uber busy schedule, I feel healthier than I have in a very long time. =0) It has become so easy for me to stick with the BFC, I even turned down coconut creme pie last night at the gathering in the kitchen after we said goodbye to Jaz. I simply didn't want it. It seems as though I have trained my brain to think "yuck" at the thought of non BFC food. LOL. I have gravitated to eating the same things most of the time but I do have other choices available. I guess I like it because it doesn't seem to bother me. I will say that I have never really enjoyed food that much. I have always thought of it as a waste of time and would rather just eat quick and be done with it. Sure, there are certain foods that I would enjoy or have a craving for from time to time, but as a general rule, I would rather not be bothered. The BFC allows me to set up a basic menu and I just eat the same things most days because it is easy and I don't have to count stuff up....I already know that it works. I do need to take measurements again one of these days but I know they are way down because my "fat jeans" fall off, my normal jeans are loose with no pooch at the waist band....haven't tried my skinny jeans....Ill wait until I loose another 5 to 7 lbs first. Ok thats it for today.....have a great BFC day!!

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  1. HI Randi, First I want to say good job on sticking with the BFC and for losing in your times of sadness. I have 2 dogs and know what its like to lose a pet. They are a member of the family and my children. I usually measure myself every Monday and put it all down on a pad. So I can see my progress from week to week.
    Have a good day :-)