Sunday, March 27, 2011

Psyllium husks - BFC

A word on psyllium husks. I started taking them off and on when I first started the BFC. Then as I learned more about the importance of fiber, I started taking them daily. I ran out for a couple of days and Oh Boy did I notice a difference!! My weight loss stopped (no gain thankfully) and my digestive system got pretty sluggish. I was making sure I got enough fiber from my food for those two days but it just was not the same as taking the husks. I take just straight psyllium husks, nothing added. They have 5g c and 4.5 g fiber per 1T. When I ran out, I went looking at my local grocery, and Walmart (thats all we have in our small town). Plain ole psyllium husks are harder to find than you would think! There are lots of flavored ones with additaves but the fiber count is way lower on those and many of them are soluable fiber only. I finally did find them at our local health food store (whew!) and got back on track. I have no clue where I found them the first time because I bought so many belly good foods from so many places I couldn't remember! LOL. Anyway, long rant short, I have discovered that psyllium husks are going to be a way of life for me now.....I just like the way I feel so much better when I am gulping down the goop every morning. I wasn't sure if once I hit my target weight I could phase them out, but now I know that just isn't going to happen. I love the way I feel on the BFC and I can see the results all over my body, not just my belly!! Since I have been really physically active this past week with the new job....and playing with the horse....I have noticed lots of little changes in my body that are pretty exciting too! I am down to my last 10 to 15 lbs to lose (depending on how I look and feel when I get to the first goal) so I expect the weight loss to slow down quite a bit especially as since I am more physically active I am building muscle which does off set the fat weight loss.....but I am excited to see and feel the changes in my body. My joints hurt far less, and I feel stronger in general. Let's hear it for the BELLY FAT CURE!!!! whoot whoot!!!

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  1. Randi, I tried many thing since I started the BFC for extra fiber. I, like many, I have noticed need the extra fiber to go #2 each day. I currently use clear Benefiber in my morning coffee and Super Seed w/water in the afternoon. Super Seed is sweetened w/stevia and is made with natural stuff like, seeds, legumes and tastes much better than psyllium. There is a link on my blog for which is the cheapest to buy - if you want to try.
    Have a great day :-)