Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Packing a BFC lunch

Another day, another challenge. I am now packing my food for the day to take with me to work. I usually make my food at home meal by meal so this is a bit of a challenge. I have access to a micowave and stove so I can still cook as long as I plan ahead and take everything I need. Mom's kitchen isn't stocked with my belly good ingredients. LOL. This week I am keeping it simple, doing the psyllium husks at home in the morning, and taking Uncle Sam's cereal and Almond milk, a sandwich on Orowheat Light, a Flax muffin for snack and a couple pepperoni sticks and string cheese, and Almonds. I also pack my smart water, herbal tea bags, stevia and my stevia powdered drink. This will work fine for a few days, but I need to make a list of other things I can take and make to change it up a little. I don't mind eating nearly the same meal day after day but variety is good too. I prepare my food the evening before so I don't have to think so much in the morning.....I am hoping this weekend I have some time to "meal plan" for next week so I can have some other options without worrying about going over my carbs. (sugar is never a problem as long as I stick with my BFC bread, cereal and drinks) Oh, and I packed some carrots too.....not for me, but my horse loves them and they are really good for getting him to do neck stretches! As soon as he gains some weight back (unlike me, he has no problem losing a pound or two when nobody is looking!) I will take some pictures and post them so you can all see my sweet boy. =0)


  1. Its always great to prepare before hand and keep it simple. Wraps and salads are great for lunch. Dinners I always stick to a meat and half a plate of green BFC approved veggies. Breakfast on the other hand, I need to work on because I am always running late. I need to come up with a good fast recipe already prepared to grab and eat while I drive to work.

  2. I love bacon cheese toast for breakfast!! 2 slices ezekial bread toasted topped with 1 1/2 slices turkey bacon & 1 slice of 2% milk cheddar cheese. No sugar and 30 carbs from the bread. I also have a glass of chocolate unsweetened almond breeze & my coffee w/ cream. Takes about 5 minutes to make (toaster time) and it is really delish!! S/C value 0/2. YUM!!!!!

  3. That sounds great Sherri.
    Randi, Yeah it is always a great idea to plan, bu don't give it too much thought. Just make sure to have a bunch of different BFC stuff on hand. I am not sure of the Orowheat bread, I haven't had that since I started the BFC. I use ezekiel and Oasis breads. and sara lee wheat pitas and smart and delicious wheat tortillas.

    Be sure to stop by my blog and I have a list of lots of friends BFC blogs that might help and give you lots of support.

    Have a great day :-)

  4. Hi Randi. Pardon my ignorance, but what are pepperoni sticks? Is it a jerky? The only pepperoni sticks I have seen in my grocery store, are the logs you slice your pepperoni out of. I would love to try it for a snack if I know what I'm looking for. Thanks:)

  5. Nicky, Pepperoni Sticks are like jerky sticks....I bought them at Costco.... called Oberto. They have no sugar, no carbs and tons of protein. A great on the go snack because they don't require refridgeration. Those salad wraps and bacon cheese toast sound yummy! Tomorrow I am making Gma and I steak tacos...yum! I am thinking about asking if I can have a shelf at the house for my BFC food so I am not having to pre plan quite so much. The lunch bag Im taking tomorrow is the size of a small cooler! LOL. thanks for the great ideas and support. I am finding out that it isn't the job thats hard....its all the stuff I have to do when I get home because I haven't been there all day to do it! I am looking forward to adjusting to the new schedule so I have more energy. As it is now, I am dead tired at 6pm! I know I will adjust though, so I will just push through it. I now know the true meaning of TGIF!!! hehe