Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baseball Mom BFC

Several of my kids play sports. When they are playing home games, its easy to BFC my way through the day....but those away games had me a little worried. Here is my first solution to the BFC baseball game....I am taking along my own burger buns, which happen to be thin wheat rounds. They are belly good so when we hit the inevitable burger stand, I will order mine bunless and plop in on my thins. The only thing I have to make sure is that I don't get ketchup or special sauce because those have sugar. Of course as usual I am packing my own drinks and taking stevia packets but this way I get to enjoy the ball park food and still be belly good!! I can do the same thing with hotdogs but I don't care for them so its no big. I think its fun to see how many ways I can bring the BFC to the real world! I am down a little bit more for an 11lb total loss so I am excited....4 more to go till my next mini goal! I have been getting comments from people on how I look like Ive lost weight...yay!! I notice it in all my clothes....time to buy new panties, my watch fits looser, my "fat" jeans fall down...almost time to break out my "shrink to fit" jeans. (that's me shrinking to fit them, not them shrinking to fit me! lol) And lots of my baby T's just hang there instead of clinging to me. I haven't measured my waist in a couple weeks but I bet it has shrunk a little too....all great reasons to love the BFC!!!


  1. Hi Randi, What a great idea to bring along your own thin buns. Just an idea - every Monday I weigh myself and measure. I keep a measuring tape in the bathroom with a note pad and keep track of my progress.
    Have fun at the game :-)

  2. Thats a great idea! This weekend I will get one and put it in my bathroom too. Then when I want to measure, it will be right there. I like the notebook idea too.