Thursday, March 24, 2011

It all works out....

One more quick blog and then I'm off to work. After being a stay at home mom for the vast majority of the last 16 years, going to work everyday was a little scary. Not just because I was suddenly accountable for being somewhere at a specific time everyday and all that. I love my job....its the easiest, most fun job in the world. I was more worried about how my kids would handle me being gone. I started my job while they were on spring break so there was no school to keep them busy.....they notice I'm not around and have commented on it. The surprising thing is that my kids are really supportive! They know I'm taking care of Grandma and they have said things like "I miss you being at home Mom but you are doing a good thing!" That was from my 14 year old. He has been my most dependent child having gone through more loss in his life than most adults. This is huge! My 9 year old daughter said "I missed you Mommy but Grandma Jo is lucky she has you to take care of her. You don't need to take care of me as much anymore and I have Dad." Again, huge! Those of you who know my kiddos know how much they are dependent on routine and my being there for them.....more so than most kids. When I started this, I never thought they would accept it so naturally....I'm sure there will probably be some delayed response to this but I think it will be really minimal. I think in large part it is because both of my kids are very caring and sensitive people and understand that Grandma needs someone there to make sure she is ok and help her do a few things.

My kids have amazed me, my husband has yet again amazed me, (he does it all the time so its not as much of a shock) and it makes me be able to do what I need to do without feeling guilty or feeling like everything at home will fall apart if I am not here. This is a first for me and I am loving it!!! This change is a huge growth for all of us....especially me!


  1. Wow Randi - it brought a tear to my eye reading the comments that you kids made. They are so sweet.

  2. Thank you! I think so too. I might be a little biased. ;)