Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little things are huge!

So today I have four of our youngest kids and a bonus kid. We had Griffy over night to give Brett and Jaime some adult time. It never fails to impress me with how good Colbey and Drew are with thier little brother. These kids know kindness and tolerance like none I've ever seen! Griffy is two (for those of you who don't know) and he is very energetic. As the mother of very energetic kids of my own, I know how fast they can wear you down, try your patience and all that. I am amazed at how well my boys treat thier younger brother. They are patient beyond comprehension. They may tire of playing his two year old games but they never show it to him. They are amazing boys. Griffen accidentally spilled his sippy cup in the bedroom while I was making breakfast for the crowd....Drew very calmly explained to Griffy that drinks belong in the kitchen. Then without being asked, he grabbed a towel and cleaned up the mess. Drew just turned 9. Need I say more? I see examples of this whenever I see my boys with their little brother. Seeing Drew handle Griffy that way reminded me that I need to work on my patience a little more. Not necessarily with babies or toddlers but just in general. Drew has at 9 what I have been working on my whole life!! LOL.

So this very little thing my son did for his brother is huge to me. It reminded me of who I want to be and what I have to do to get there. I will say it again. I learn more about who I am from parenting my kids than anything else....ever!

So thank you Drew for providing an excellent example of how to live and show your love for others!

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  1. Oh yes, they get their patience from their Dad as you well know. Unfortunately, Brett nor I have the gift of patience so we are constantly relying on the "big boys" to be the examples.....sad yes I know, but I'm admitting it. I'm so thankful I have them, and honestly can't wait for them to get home each day I really do not know how parents without older siblings do it (since I was blessed with an instant family)!! Thank you guys for putting up with my energetic 2yr. old, and yeah Drew for setting an example for us all!!!