Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BFC...another plateau...another solution

Today's rant is about the single most challenging thing about the BFC. Drinks! I cut out sugar with no problem. I don't drink soda except for the occasional Zevia. Going from being a Mountain Dew addict to that is a monumental change in and of itself. I broke my first plateau by cutting out artificial sweeteners. No more Crystal Light for me....or Diet Bluebery Juice, Sugar Free Coffee Creamer or anything at all with artificial sweeteners. Yay me! Of course I have to drink something besides water. I do get my required 8 to 10 glasses a day but I am a sipper....meaning that I have to have something tasty to sip on between guzzling my glass of water every hour. I like to have coffee in the morning....its been a struggle to find a way to make it so it tastes good. I used to put 3 tsp of sugar pluse Vanilla Creamer in my coffee so it was SWEET! Now I am just drinking it with a packet of stevia or truvia and a splash of heavy cream. Eh, its not yummy but it isn't awful either. I am waiting for my taste buds to adjust....maybe another month or two...year or two...eventually it should happen. The problem I am running into is that while Truvia and Stevia are BFC approved sweetners, I did discover that depending on how they are processed, they can have a carb count. It's low.....but when you use it like I do to sweeten coffee, tea, and even Kool Aid, all of a sudden you are getting more carbs than you are supposed to have. I think this is what has caused my latest plateau. I did find out that there are some types of Stevia that don't have any carb count at all so I can safely use those indiscriminately. I plan on picking some up later today. I also found some powdered drink packets online that are yummy and have a gram of fiber too, but again, they also have a carb count so I need to be careful not to just chug away on those either. I think my best bet for a drink I can have all the time is going to be flavored herbal tea and use the right kind of stevia to sweeten it. Sweet Leaf Stevia is supposed to be the way to go so I will check it out.

Over all, I love the BFC. If I can get this drink thing figured out and break the plateau, I will be much happier. Being sick on the program is kind of depressing because I have to deny myself the comfort foods that I would usually eat (except chicken noodle soup, thank God). I am having a hard time makng sure I get in all my fiber being sick too because I don't feel like eating tortillas or breads. I'm doing it, but I don't like it. Psyllium husks are a life saver....if I do a serving of those and a smart and delicious tortilla, I do fine. I have gotten to where I don't mind the husks at all....the tortilla....if I have time to do something creative with it, its fine but on days where I just have to throw something in it....lets just say it takes will power to get it all down sometimes. I am doing some research to come up with some other good options but its hard to beat 12g of fiber in one carb serving! Thats it for today.....see you a few pounds from now! =0)

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