Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BFC - Smart Water

On the BFC fiber intake is very imprortant to keep the false belly fat away and to move your food through your system at a regular so you don't get constipated! I hate water. I have never been a water drinker except for when I was pregnant with Ross. Consequently, getting my water intake to an acceptable level has been excruciating. Thankfully, on one of Jorge's youtube vids, he does a blurb on Smart Water. It's made from vaporizing water and then collecting it when it rain clouds. Then they add electrolytes. I am in love! I keep my bottles on the counter and pour myself 8oz every hour and just gulp it down. It's tasty and does the job just fine. It comes in huge 33.3 oz bottles which I like too. I didn't realize how much the water was actually helping until I ran out yesterday. Despite my best (uh hem, ok half hearted) effort to drink enough water I fell miserably short....and wow, the difference is HUGE! I am retaining water, bloated, uncomfortable and very very thirsty! Thankfully my wonderful hubby is headed to the store to pick me up some right now. I will tell you without a doubt that water is a vital part of healthy eating and especially if you are doing a high fiber, low carb nutrition plan like me.

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