Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BFC - yummy fiber foods

Anyone on the BFC knows that it isn't necessarily easy to get the recommended fiber in only 6 servings or 120g of carbs per day....especially when you are only eating 2 servings or 21g per meal or snack AND trying to get those carbs in before 3pm like me. Many of the foods in Jorge's recipes are not readily availabe.....or I just don't like them. I have been doing extensive research on high fiber, low carb foods so I have some weapons in my arsenal. I found some incredible recipes using flax meal. Flax meal is high in fiber and low in carbs plus is packed with omegas!! I made some muffins yesterday and they were awesome. At 4g of c and 3g fiber in each muffin, they are a great snack that doesn't count as a carb serving!! There are many recipes out there for Flax and Almond meal that sound tasty that I am going to be trying in the next couple of weeks.

Uncle Sam's cereal is also high in fiber and relatively low in carbs and oh so yummy! Black beans are another great source of fiber. Almonds are good too if you are short a few grams toward the end of the day, chomp on some Almonds to hit your numbers! Orowheat Light Bread is also a great source of fiber and low on carbs too. Check the label....the nutritional info is for two slices instead of the typical label that does it for one slice.

I am trying to stay away from wheat gluten as much as possible but when I want a burrito, La Tortilla Factory Smart and Delicious tortillas are the way to go with 12g fiber and only 18g carbs per tortilla. They do have wheat gluten so I am trying to find other options....which led me to the flax meal recipes. I will post links or recipes as I try them but if you don't want to it!

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