Thursday, March 17, 2011

My must haves on the BFC

So if you are new to the BFC, you may be wondering...."what do I need to buy and what is just going to drive my grocery budget through the roof??" I have been on the BFC for a little over a month and have figured out that most things I eat are what I already had in the house. These are all products that I have bought and use daily or very often that are necessary for my BFC lifestyle.

Natures Hollow preserves....all the flavors
Joseph's Sweetener Syurp.....I order 10 at a time and there is free shipping on all orders!
Spring Valley Stevia....Its pretty cheap, found at Walmart and has no carbs per serving!
Uncle Sam's Origional Cereal
Unsweetened Almond Milk...both vanilla and chocolate
Psyllium Husks....for that fiber boost
Orowheat Light bread
Flax Oil and Flax Meal
Smart Water
Now Healthy sugar free drink sticks (found at I will write a review on this!!
Zevia Cola and Ginger Root Beer (for those soda cravings I get now and then)
Flavored Herbal Teas of all kinds

These are some other products I like but don't need for use everyday.

Joseph's Sugar free peanut butter
La Tortilla Factory Smart n Delicious tortillas (I try to stay away from wheat gluten which these have so I only eat them every now and then at this point)
Joseph's Sugar Free cookies (these are not my favorite but the kids do like them so if I don't eat them up, they are not going to waste)

You may find that you like different things so your list may vary a lot from mine but I thought it may help to have a starter list of things to use so you don't get caught up spending hundreds of dollars on food you don't even like. =0) With those few things in my cupboards, I always get my fiber in and keep my days at 6/6 or lower!!

Have a wonderful BFC day!

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