Saturday, March 19, 2011

A day out on the BFC

Today I am going to a horse expo with my Mom in law....BFC style! We have been planning this for months, long before I started the BFC. I was really concerned about how I was going to do a whole day out and stick with the BFC. I just passed the 10lb mark and I am determined not to blow it! I usually make my food at home so I was sort of freaking out about trying to take the BFC on the road for a test drive. Thankfully, my super supportive hubby (who is not on the BFC but counts sugar/carbs with the best of us!) came to the rescue and helped me plan my day. =0)

Here is my day out on the BFC

2 1/2 T Psyllium husks upon waking 0/1 10g F
1 Flax muffin (for the drive) 0/0 3g F
1/2 c Uncle Sam's cereal and Almond milk with 3 benefiber (ready to eat on the go) 1/2 10gF
Pepperoni sticks and string cheese 0/0 2gF
Tuna with celery, pickles, olives and romaine on Orowheat Light and a Stevia 2/2 7gF

For dinner, where ever we stop I will do a chicken breast and spinach or salad

I also have my smart water, tea, coffee and Stevia sweetened juice powder ready to go.

I think pre planning will help me resist the hamburgers, fries, and other junk food that go along with horse events. Thankfully they don't have fried bread at this one or I would be done for!
Being committed to a new lifestyle means that you have to make the effort to make it work all the time, not just when things are exactly right. I am sure my belly will thank me for this!!

Have a great BFC day!!


  1. Hi Randi, I found your blog and wanted to say that I have lost 81lbs on the BFC on over a year. I was very scared to eat out for the first 2 months also. You will be fine, just remember everything about the BFC in your head as you walk around.
    Do what I do - Once in a while when I am exposed to lots of food, I will pick 1 thing that I love the most and just have 2 bites. But then you must stop!
    I will add your blog to my list on my blog and see if I can get some more people over here to support you.
    You are doing great so far!
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Hi Randi, It sounds like you have a great plan for what you are eating while you are out. That is what we have to do to make the BFC successful. I hope you had a wonderful time.

    Enjoy your weekend!