Friday, March 18, 2011

Past, present and future

My rant today is about the past, present and future. Each time has its place in life. Our past is a place we have been....lessons learned, life experienced, memories made. But the past is indeed the past, it should not infect the present. While our present is a direct consequence of our past, it does not mean that the past is indicative of who we are today simply because the lessons we learned in the past have changed us. The past belongs where it was...."then", and should not be a focus in where we are now....the present. Continually recounting stories or memories of the past keeps you from moving forward. If you can't let go of your past, if you wish for the "good old days", or wish things today were like they were "back then", you are not doing the present justice.

Our present is far more important than our past and while we may have cherished memories of that past, they still belong there, not here with us in the present. If you constantly look to your past, you will never grow beyond the really doesn't matter what happened back then as long as a lesson was learned....good or bad...sometimes both. The present is where we need to the best you can with who you are today, not yesterday or tomorrow. Yesterday is done and if you look to tomorrow to begin, then today is wasted. Today is the time to fortify your relationships, cherish your kids, do the right thing, take care of yourself and your loved ones and be happy with what you have. The future will thank you for paying attention to today, not yesteray and not tomorrow.

Our future is vital to our present. Don't do anything in the present that you know you will regret in the future. In the future we reap the rewards of our present acts.....good or bad. The future is as of yet unwritten, but we have a hand in that writing in the present, so to help insure a favorable future, be favorable in the present. Be today who you want to be in the future, it will stick. The great thing about the future that is so much better than the present or the past is that you can change it. If you see where your past has gotten you, and where your present will lead you....and you don't like it, then it is within your power to change it! We can't change yesterday, sometimes we can't even change today, but we can always change tomorrow!!


  1. Hi Randi! Im Sherri. What a fantastic post and how very true it is. Many of us live in the past, myself being one of them from time to time. How correct you are that if we continue to stay in the past we will never grow to our full potential because we will be stuck there.
    Thank you for this. It was something I needed to read. Please feel free to visit & follow my blog too.
    Have a great day!

  2. You're welcome! Every now and then (more ofthen than not) I feel the need to blog about things that cross my mind. I am glad it helps others too! I like to read other people's blogs for inspiration as well....its awesome to know other people are out there going through the daily grind too!