Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am triumphant!!

I stuck with my BFC food all day at the Horse Expo....despite finding out they had Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl....I have had a craving for that for TWO YEARS!!! But I resisted the temptation and stuck with the food I packed. We went to Sizzler for dinner and I had a salad loaded with spinach, romaine, two kinds of cheese, bacon bits, sunflower seeds, onions and a little bit of ranch. I also had three very small chicken wings. They were breaded and fried so I wasn't sure what the carb count was but I feel safe that it was under 1 since I resisted the cheesey bread they bring to the table, I deserved a little fried chicken wing...LOL. All in all....a very good first day out on the BFC!!!

The only bad thing was my wate intake was way too low because I took my water bottle in and promptly set it down and walked away......oops!!


  1. Sounds like you did great Randi, chicken wings are OK, but it does count as a carb and sometimes it might have a sugar in it too.

  2. Thanks! I was a little worried about that too but I had 1 carb serving allowed for dinner and the breading wasn't sweet or honey based so I figured it was probably an ok choice. I would have preferred chicken breast but it wasn't on the buffet table. =0(