Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bonus Family....

I have a bonus family too....Brett, Jaime, Matt, Hailey and Griffy. Again, most of you know this.....Jaime is John's ex and the Mom of our boys Colbey and Drew. Brett is Jaime's new soon to be husband, Matt and Hailey are his kids and Griffy is thiers. They are my bonus family because....we have all made the choice to set aside any differences we may have and work together to provide a cohesive family unit for all of the kids. Jaime calls my two bio kids her "step kids" and to them she is their "step mom". It confuses some people but we roll with it. =0)

To be fair, it hasn't aways been easy....we have gone our rounds of disagreements and frustration. The difference is that we learned from those experiences and mistakes and decided to move forward to a better future. The kids love doing things as a big family and I think us Moms are getting a lot out of it too. Bottom line is that there are just more of us to love the kids....you just can't go wrong with that!

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