Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So I am 39.....going to be the big four oh this year in December....and well, I'm not ready yet!!! I am carrying around a few extra pounds and my eating habits (food? no thanks, I'll have a Mountain Dew please) suck hard core. Well, they did until two weeks ago. I happened across a "diet" called The Belly Fat Cure. Really, its more of an eating lifestlye but isn't that what your diet is anyway??? So, in the last two weeks, I have stopped drinking the Dew, putting sugar in my coffee and started eating healthy. I eat less than 15g of sugar a day and 6 servings of carbs. For the first time in years (since I can remember) I actually get hungry! Wierd. I lost 7lbs and 3 3/4 belly inches. I actually gained 2lbs. back but I have a theory for that. lol. Fibre, im not getting enough and that is a definate struggle with only eating 6 servings of carbs but I am on a mission and I will not be denied!! I had to retrain my taste buds to like natural sweetners like stevia, truvia, and xylitol, but I have done it with success so I am excited about that. Naturally, my family is eating a bit healthier too, just because I'm cooking better but I don't deny them their treats....I just make mine sugar free, although they did like my sugar free brownies! I also drink water on the hour. I have a hard time getting my requisite 8, 8oz glasses per day in by sipping on it so instead I just pour a cup of water every hour and down it. Then I am free to sip on my coffee, tea, or zevia soda throughout the day. Works for me! I am feeling much healthier and better already. My energy levels and brain power have gone up a lot! As soon as my twisted knee and ankle are done healing, I am going back to the gym to give my metabolism a boost but I have a different goal now. I used to do enough cardio to burn 400 calories....thats quite a lot in one session....but now I am going back to train for strenght. The healthy eating will take care of the weight loss....I just want to get stronger muscles and healthier bones!

The BFC has presented some challenges for me.....getting my water intake right, finding ways to get my fiber without going over on my carbs....and getting my taste buds trained (my coffee was the worst!) but I have two specific goals in mind. My short term goal is to lose another 10 pounds by March 22....concert in Seattle... and my long term goal is to loose a total of 20-25lbs. That will depend on how I look when I hit the 20lb mark. I still want to look healthy.

So my BFC journey started two weeks ago and will last a lifetime.....I'm looking forward to a thinner, healthier me!!

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