Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blogging again....hello everybody! I haven't blogged in what seems like forever. Firstly, my blog got all screwed up and I lost a bunch of my friends and I got so bummed out I just quit blogging, and secondly, I have had  some serious problems at home. The good news is that I have maintain my goal weight. Well, I have stayed  within 3 pounds of it anyway. I should be all excited and all that but honestly, I just don't care which is one of the reasons I decided to blog again....everybody's excitement and enthusiasm is contagious! I need a boost in motivation. I am hoping reconnecting with my blogger friends helps. :)


  1. Hi again, Randi! It's good to hear from you again. I hope the problems you are dealing with get resolved quickly; I'm sorry to hear of it.

    Great job on maintaining you weight!

  2. It's great to hear from you and sorry about you problems. It really does help to stay connected. We are all here for you :-)