Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who knew I would start all this??

Hey everybody. I know I haven't blogged in awhile but I just haven't had the energy....since I quit smoking (83 days ago) my body went into a tail spin. I am now on antidepressants for about 3 months to see how things go. As the doc said they would....they make me feel flat. I have no energy....cant sleep...yada yada. So it has been really hard to sit down and blog about anything. I am still doing fine on the BFC. Gained a few of pounds but lost all but 2 so I am good there. I am not having any problems with nicotine cravings or anthing. The pills the doc has me on are also appetite suppressants so its a little difficult to get all my carbs in each day but I get at least 4. Im going to pick up the Fast Track book this week and take a look to see if it is something I want to dabble with. Might be fun to see if I lose another chunk or if this is where I am meant to be wieght wise. I will figure it out soon. Oh, the other thing I am dealing with is that my allergies are still lingering...making my nose run and my eyes puffy and dark circles....ugh. I feel like if I am ever going to get ahead of this stuff, I need to move to Seattle or something. I have also had a bad belly ache for a few days. I dont know why for sure but it sucks sometimes.

On a happier note....I do love the chia seeds. I eat the pudding daily for 20g fiber. Combined with what other fiber I get throughout the day...my system runs well. So much easier than psyllium husks i am rather surprised that Jorge doesn't give them props. I have been sticking primarily with my normal food that I always eat and have posted many times so I wont bore you all by posting again. I feel like this is just how I eat now. I am a person of habit so I don't change things up too much. I did find that Guiness only has 4.5 c per can so I enjoy one or two of those when I have a need for beer. I really like Guiness. Ok, well the meds also give me the attention span of a gnat so I am sorry if my blog sounds a bit disjointed


  1. HI Randi, It is good to hear from you and great to hear that you are still not smoking. I am sorry the pills make you feel bad. Maybe you should try to ween off of them.
    I like to make the chia pudding with chocolate and put RediWhip on top. But my chia seeds say 4 gms of fiber per tbsp - so that's 16 gms if I put 4 tbsp.
    I hope you start feeling better soon and have a great day :-)

  2. Hi Randi, Glad to hear you are still not smoking, I hope your body adjust to your pills. I know my daughter had been on pills like that and they finally had to change them because she wanted to sleep all the time. I will have to try the chia pudding. I use salba seed which are the same and I put them in my cereal just to boost the fiber. I am gonna try the FT to get me moving again.

  3. My father just died from lung cancer, so it's awesome to hear you've quit. Sounds like you're doing great in the weight department too! Sorry your having such allergy problems.

  4. Jorge pushed chia seeds in my class way back when. He was all about the chia! But never mentioned it since. Weird. But I love them now! You are making so many changes right now, I bet your body (and brain) will catch up and figure it all out.