Monday, September 5, 2011

oh so hard to keep quiet

My rant for the day is about how hard it is to keep my mouth shut and not try to "help" people. When you see people you care about going about things in ways that seem to be "not the best idea", it is really hard not to offer unsolicited advise. It almost never goes well. Firstly, the reciever usually takes offense and gets thier feelings hurt or gets defensive. Secondly, they justify thier actions with "logic" and don't take what you say as simple helpful observation from an outside individual. Then there is often an awkward feeling for, people have to learn thier lessons in thier own time and thier own way. Just because I, you or someone else can see where they might be going off track does not make it our job to get them back on track. Most of the time keeping your mouth shut and simply observing is the best thing to do. Anyone else find this painfully difficult? Most of the time I am just too busy to worry too much about what other people are doing but every now and then it creeps up on me and sort of naggles (is that a word?) at me until I can lay it to rest somehow. It does not help at all that I am still having to take pills for "anxiety" at night. It very well may be part of that right now....but regardless, I have to find things to keep me busy so that I am doing something more constructive with my time than worrying about other people. LOL.

Tomorrow its back to the gym, regaining focus on my eating habits and getting busy! The kiddos go back to school this week so I wlll have the house to myself to get some project type things done around the house. I have a few things I want to get accomplished in the next few weeks so that should help. I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and didn't totally blow the BFC! I did a little but only by carb servings and only because I had a second Guiness.....but YUM!


  1. I DO know what you mean. It is hard sometimes to just be quiet. I guess it depends on who the person is.
    I don't know if Naggle is a word -but it sounds good.
    Just focus on YOU!! Have a great day :-)

  2. Enjoy your quiet house!

    I too have trouble keeping my thoughts to myself. It's hard to keep quiet when you see someone screwing up, but it's also not really helpful to tell them, either. *sigh* Good luck letting go! :)

  3. Definitely enjoy your quiet house! I know I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. If I don't people always seem defensive. I guess I just need to lead by example. Frustrating though.