Monday, August 29, 2011

A little concerned....

Ok my BFC peeps....I have started strenght training at my gym to tone up my junk. Its going well but I am gaining weight. Not much, just a couple of pounds so far and I know muscle weighs more than fat BUT does anyone know when the gain will stop and the loss will happen? I know it will but I haven't been able to get a definitive answer. I am not building a lot of muscle just toning what is here and keeping it strong so I don't think I should gain a lot but again, nobody seems to know the answer to that. My trainer is at the gym wierd hours right now so I thought I would post a blog to see if anyone here knows. I want to see the scale go back down

Second question....does anyone take supplements? It seems like in my goal to get the fiber content I need, most of my carb servings are used on high fiber bread or tortilla, etc. The Chia seeds help a lot but does everyone think they are getting enough veggies or do you all just take supplements to make sure you are getting enough nutrients and minerals? I am not a fan of taking vitamins but if I am not getting all I need thru my food then maybe it is time to look for a good one. How do you guys manage to get your veggies and fiber in without going over on carbs?

I wasnt worried about any of this stuff in the losing phase but now that I made it to my goal I want to go for over all fitness and health not just a number on the scale. (Hence the quitting smoking and going back to the gym) I am having some issues with getting hungry again as munchie hungry.....between meals. I have no idea why that is....but I don't like it. I fight it off okay the first part of the day but its harder at night....I have been loading my meals with lots of protein too but it hasnt helped as much as I would like it to. I think maybe I need to be busier to keep my mind off of food or something. I just might have to find a project or a new hobby. LOL

Anyway, let me know your thoughts and please share any fav dishes that help you stay full between meals!
Have a Great BFC day!


  1. HI Randi,
    First I don't work out just walk so I'm not sure when it will level out. But maybe when working out, try to eat an extra carb, that's why you are hungry. cheese and walnuts are a good snack between meals.
    I have a list of vitamins I take every day (on my blog on the tab that says: product I use) and I also try to eat lots of veggies too. Try Reslina it's really good, the link is on my blog also.
    Take care :-)

  2. Okay, two things. First I would worry about a few lbs gained from working out. I bet your clothing will fit every better. A toned backside may weight more than a flabby one, but we all agree it looks better. Good for you for doing it!!

    Second, I used to supplement a lot in the beginning but then I realized I needed to get my fiber and vitamins from my food instead of a pill or whatever. So I dont really count green veggies anymore. I eat as much as I want (which honestly isnt that much ;) ).

    I think a protein snack keeps me the fullest. Id love to tone my rear and upper arms... maybe that will be a Fall goal for me too.

  3. I can tell you that once you start working out and toning your clothes will fit better and you will look smaller even if the scale reads a little more. I learned the hard way. I was working out all the time and was complaining that my weight stayed the same. But after surgery and unable to workout I can now tell I look bigger then I did before and I weigh pretty much the same weight. So take the little gain and see great results from working out. And it will start coming off once yor body has time to adjust to the new routine.

  4. You might end up having to be happier with a higher weight. I am facing that right now. I want to be lower, but when I am exercising enough the weight isn't really coming off like I want. I am still lowing fat and inches though. You may want to get your body fat tested, and start using that as a benchmark instead. I am trying to do that, although I am not quite yet ready to give up these last few pounds.

  5. I have heard some experts say that when starting an exercise program your weight will increase a little because your muscles will contain more water. I heard that from an expert on Oprah once. I'm not exactly sure how long...I think I remember 3 weeks or so, but I'm not really sure. Hopefully you trainer will know. Do you measure your waist? I wonder if that's decreasing. I'm not too sold on vitamins unless your deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral. I like vitamins based on whole foods, especially the super food ones. Most studies I've read say though that vitamins don't make much difference & whole foods are far more valuable because they contain live enzymes & nutrients not even discovered yet.