Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chia seeds

Thanks Katie.....so so much for recommending the Chia seeds. I got some today and tried your recipe of Chia seeds/Almond Milk and Stevia.....omg YUM! I found they had a hint of chocolate flavor even tho I used Vanilla Milk. I am going to try this with the chocolate milk next time. But 4T and 1 cup of Milk has a whopping 20g fiber! I think I can actually use 1/2c milk and it would be just fine. Either way....I love love love this stuff. It tastes way better than psyllium husks, is easy to eat and has more fiber per T than psyllium. It is like getting a treat instead of eating my daily fiber. Ok, so yes I have gone on and on about Chia seeds and lots of you are probably already eating them but I am really excited to be able to replace those yucky psyllium husks with something yummy.

My new favorite thing....Kirklands smoked pulled pork. It has no sugar and no carbs. I heat a pkg up and then snack on it for a few days here and there. It is a 0/0 and tastes sooo yummy. Its 10 bucks at Costco and I can usually make a pkg last for 3 days if I am the only one munching on it.

I had a meeting with my personal trainer yesterday.......she build me a new routine that is going to kick my butt! She is in her 60's and is so extremely fit! She is my new role model for fitness. She is not extremely muscular but she is toned beyond belief and so so strong. I aspire to be more like her now and in such great shape for the rest of my life. My new routine has some cardio of course but more strenght training....I think I am going to like it much more than my old routine. Just from doing the mini sets as we wrote the program.....Im sore. LOL. it is going to be a rough couple of weeks as my body gets used to being pushed to a higher fitness level. I am going to have my hubby take measurements so I can see the progress in inches rather than pounds which do not always show the true progress when it comes to that aspect of fitness.

Have a great BFC night!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you like the chia seeds, I only recently started using them myself and I love them. I bet a new exercise routine will help with the anxiety/moodiness of quiting smoking. You are doing awesome :)

  2. I love love the chia seeds too! Such a better way to get in the fiber than any other supplement. your new workout routine sounds fabulous!

  3. I originally saw Amber post something about Chia Seeds but didn't really know what to do with them. Then I saw a post on a fanpage on Facebook about the chia seed pudding and stole it and put it on my blog and now its gone VIRAL. I love it. I put a tbsp of Gihadeli's unsweetened coco powder and 1 truvia, let it soak on the counter for a few then in the fridge to set. DELISH!!