Thursday, July 7, 2011

chantix is awesome!

So I have been taking chantix for a week and today is my quit day. The last cigarette of my life was last night around 1030. I was a little nervous yesterday morning about quitting and if I would go stark raving mad like I have in the past when I've tried to quit. By evening, I had become very calm and at ease with it. It was a little strange but I was glad that I wasn't nervous anymore. This morning was easy. Whenever I get the urge to smoke, I just go outside and sit in my spot and relax for about the time it would take me to actually smoke a ciggy. It gives me the relaxing downtime and it works great. The chantix keep me from getting cravings...I do get urges but those are habitual things which are different from cravings. Cravings you guys will recognize from quitting sugar on the BFC. Those are harder to overcome than simple urges. I havn't had a craving yet and I attribute this to the chantix. i haven't been hungry or snacky or anything which is also awesome. I just have this awesome calm confidence about me that I finally found the method to quit smoking that will work for me without making me a crazy woman! Just like I found the BFC that enabled me to lose weight and be thin! I feel very happy to have found the path to better health! ;) Not even financial stress is causing me to want to eat or smoke! So as day one of no smoking comes to a close, i am happy to report that all is well with my world and I am looking forward to a much healthier me!

Have a great BFC day!


  1. I am very proud of you for the quitting smoking and the weight loss. Both are very hard to do and you are gonna feel so great now!!
    Great JOB!! :-)

  2. good job!!!! im on day 2 after my quit day... it is easier today than yesterday... but like u say big difference between an urge and a craving... i am doing it too and already feel the difference! again good ass job!!