Monday, June 20, 2011

More madness :)

Hey everybody... I haven't been on in awhile to blog because we had been getting ready for Grandma's 90th birthday I caught a nasty cold. The steroids for allergies destroyed my immune system and it pretty much knocked me on my butt! LOL. I still feel pretty crappy but it has moved into my lungs more than my head so its easier for me to deal with. I have a trail ride planned this morning. It will be so good to play with my horse again! Seems like its been forever! I had a great Father's Day weekend...bought my hubby the gaming computer he has been wanting for a good long while. Got a super good deal on it so we saved about 3200.00! A good friend of mine found it on craigslist for build the same computer would hhave cost us over 4500 so we are really excited. Plus he got it now instead of having to wait until August to order it and October before it shipped! So nice to be able to do something so cool for my hubby because he is the best! I also got to spend the weekend with my favorite cousin and his little girl. We don't see each other that often so even being sick, it was really good to spend the time getting caught up on life.

As for my BFC lifestyle...still holding at 124-126. I haven't been counting or even trying so I am happy that I seem to have stabilized here. I am going to get back on the counting and such this week just because the past week has been so wonky that I feel the need to get back to a normal eating schedule before things go sideways. I am still making the belly good choices but honestly have no idea what my carb intake has been the past couple of weeks. LOL. I am going to spend some time this week making some summer food menus....I eat way different in the summer because of the heat so it is something that I need to be prepared for.

I hope everyone is doing well....

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  1. Hi Randy, It's good to hear from you. I hope you feel better soon. Craigslist is awesome huh? You can really get some good local deals on there.
    Have a great day :-)