Friday, May 27, 2011

An observation....

So yesterday I was watching a tv series called Life Unexpected. Cute show. I like it a lot but it it isnt my typical choice of program. Here is why.... I have noticed over the years that women are often portrayed as emotional, spineless, selfish and irratiional people. They rant and rave when the men in thier lives don't do things the right way, have excuses for everything they do and are incapable of having an adult conversation about anything that matters. So yes, I know it is fiction....its just TV....but really? I had to ask myself and a friend lol....if women really do act like that. She texted me back that if I wanted proof (i'm paraphrasing) just click over to Dr. Phil. I did....she was right! The countless reality shows that I don't watch will prove that point as well! So I got to thinking a little about this. I have been told that I think more like a man than most women...basically that I am less emotional and more logical about the majority of things. I am fine with that, it works for me but I wasnt exactly sure that was true until yesterday. LOL. For example, my awesome hubby has never given me flowers for any reason. I don't care, if I want some flowers....I know where to get them. I love flowers...they smell good, make things pretty and make me feel girly so it isnt that I don't like flowers.....I just don't expect my hubby to think like a girl. My presents are always from his heart and typically practical or more so than not. For example....our first Valentine's day he got me the first season of the Soprano's on DVD. Most women would be pissed. But he knows me. While flowers and candy would have been traditional and appreciated....I got many hours of enjoyment from watching the Soprano's and many more when I watched the subsequent seasons! I had never seen it prior to my gift. My hubby (we were just newly dating back then) paid attention to the type of shows I liked to watch and thought I would probably really enjoy it. He was right! That is a gift from the heart. For mother's day one year he bought me this awesome stereo for my Jeep. I love love love my Jeep and he knew I wanted a stereo that I could hook my IPOD to in the glove box....out of sight, no wires. So he got me a new stereo and an extra amp to push my door speakers (which i also really needed!) Practical.......sort of. But that was three years ago and I am still rockin the tunes in my Jeep like no other! My final example is my xoom.... I have a little lap top but its cheap and slower than I like...wont stream some youtube vids very well etc. So for early Mother's Day this year, my hubby bought me a Xoom pad. I didn't even know I wanted one. Again, many women would be annoyed about a present like this because it wasn't something they aske for, isn't traditionally a girly gift, and is more practical than not. But let me tell has been an awesome gift! It has made life much easier for me because I can now blog and surf the net wherever I go and do my research (those of you who know me personally know that I am ALWAYS researching something!) Was it a romantic gift? Not in the traditional sense but if you look at it from my is because what is more romantic than a husband who KNOWS you better than you know yourself?? Having said all that I will also say that not every gift is big and expensive. There are many holidays that pass with just a "Happy Birthday" or whatever the occasion because we don't have the money and we have agreed its best to wait. I am perfectly fine with that too. The only thing I really want is for my family to be sweet that kids fighting and maybe somebody else cook, run to the store, and watch my shows on tv that day or whatever. My hubby does all that too. One example of this is on Mother's Day I went on a trail ride with my mom and sis in law. I left early and was gone almost all day. At one point someobody told my hubby he should have had the kids call me to wish me a happy mother's day. He hadn't and it made him feel bad. When he told me that i was speechless. I told him to absolutely not feel bad. I didn't want a call from my kiddos in the middle of my day. I expect my kids to treat me with love and respect every day, not just one day a year and a hug and kiss at bedtime that night was perfect. I'm pretty sure he was really relieved that he hadn't hurt my feelings by not having the kids call. LOL.

So back to my point....these women on the shows I see from time to time act like thier men cant do anything right, throw fits, get thier feeling hurt and all of that. I think it is no wonder men are so confused when it comes to "doing the right thing". How the heck are they supposed to know what it is?? A friend was talking about how people speak "different languages" meaning that they communicate thier feeling differently and that we have to learn the languages of those people we love if we don't already know it. I agree. Especially when it comes to men and women, we need to learn the language they speak because only then will we have a true reflection of thier feelings about us. I am lucky in that I am already halfway there with my "thinking like a guy" anyway and learned the rest from experience and then happened to find a man who's language I do speak. Makes life easy for me for sure! Now before you gals get all upset at I am not in any way denying that most men are clueless when it comes to women. It is that way the majority of the time.....and then there are those that don't even try. But for those of us who are lucky to have a man in our lives who does try and isn't quite as clueless....if we can just learn thier language, we will see how much they care. :) I think that there must be a reason that women are shown in this light....maybe because a lot of the female gender does act this way.....and men are clueless so the producers of these shows make a romantic comedy or drama because it is a real life thing. the problem is.....ONLY WOMEN WATCH THEM so they don't help!!! And for the few men who just confuses them even more as to what women want. LOL. Such is life. So that was my observation for the day. Oh and I lost the 2lbs of water weight from the shot so I am back on track. hehe

Have a great BFC day!

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