Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A new little challenge....

First....its raining today...THANK GOD...hopefully this will help my allergies calm down while the shot kicks in to do its job. I have been rather tired from the allergies but whenever I sleep I wake up feeling like an elephant sat on my head because I am so congested. No more crying fits from the evil pills but I have been really run down these past few days. The headaches are no fun at all. Things should resolve and get much better by tonight or tomorrow so I am definately hopeful and with the rain....well maybe I will feel better even faster.

So for my challenge....the kenalog shot I got for allergies has some not so plesant side effects. One is increased appetite and two is water retention. I haven't felt an increase in hunger thankfully but I have started retaining water...I am up a pound or so because of it. So my plan is to drink lots of it to keep my system flushed because it has also caused my digestive system to get a little sluggish. grrr. I am going to go back to counting so that I don't eat more than I should just in case I do start having an increased appetite. I have to be really dilligent about it until I see how it will all play out. I don't mind going back to being a food I am glad I found out the side effects before they became destructive. I might take a diuretic in addition to help alleviate water retention and see how that goes. I am going to ask my pharmicist today if that will even work. So that is it for now....I hope you all have an awesome BFC day

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  1. well I hope you get back to normal and feel better soon Medicine sucks huh?