Friday, May 20, 2011

Love, love, love me some BFC!

I love the BFC lifestyle! I thought the last few pounds were going to come off agonizingly slow but they aren't! I am down to 127.5. A mere 2.5 to go...whoot whoot! I wonder if that means I need to be more in the 120 range.....I don't think so but I guess I will stop losing when my body says so.I feel great(other than the cold I have spawned) and other than toning the way I am looking these days. I have been getting a lot of compliments and questions from people who are interested in how I lost the weight so I guess I am a walking talking ad for the BFC. Three of my friends are now on it as well. There is just som ething about walking into the juniors section and wearing a size 5 or 7 and a small/medium tshirt! I want to break out in song and dance every time!! LOL. My kids are like me in that they are "little stick people".....since the weight banishment (i didn't lose it, i banished it to the darkest corners of hell!) people have been making comments about how they see where my kids got thier build. I just want to hug those people! I am going to look for the most recent before pic that I so many of you, I wouldnt have full body pics taken when I was heavier. Hopefully soon, I will have some before and afters to show you all my progress. :)

Have a great BFC day!!

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  1. I too am a walking billboard for the BFC. Even though the weight has been off for a few months, I still tell everyone about it.
    I too can't believe that I went from 1X and size 20 down to a medium and size 8 now. Sometimes I still can't believe its real.
    You are doing so good - don't worry about the last few lbs. If its meant to be it will.
    Have a great day :-)