Monday, May 23, 2011

I've gone temporarily crazy!!

So if I havent said it before....I have allergies (bad) and mild asthma. It makes life interesting in the spring and summer. This year is particularly bad and so I went to the doc in search of some meds that I can take. Traditional decongestants and antihistamines make me act like I am on crack so I can't take those at all. The doc gave me an allergy regimine to try. I am here to tell you, the side effects are much worse than the allergies!! He had me taking prednisone and claritin in the morning plus an inhaled steroid called Qvar, then at night taking the Qvar again with singular. I started the meds on Friday and by Sunday, i was an emotional wreck. I cried all day or was falling asleep.....those were the options. It took me all day to finally think to check the side effects of the meds....sure enough, mood swings, depression, extreme fatigue and sleepiness. Oh yea, that is what I wanted to trade my allergies for!! My poor hubby.....he handled it all with class and loving kindness but I am sure it was not pleasant in the least. I am going back to the doc today to see if there is anything else I can do and also to make sure i can just stop taking these without dosing down first. Either way, the paperwork says it is going to take 3 days to get out of my system....or I will probably continue to cry and sleep for a little longer....blech. Hubby is watching grandma this week for me so I can get this sorted out.....get my emotions back to normal and hopefully get a more feasible plan for allergy treatment. I cant take care of grandma crying my eyes out all day but I cant take care of her if I have allergies so bad that I am getting migraines either. I am hoping for a better solution or at least some sort of managable middle ground! On a good note....I lost another .5 pound so I am down to 127.0. Yay me! 2 lbs to go. :) I am excited about that for sure. I am also looking forward to having the week to get my head around some of the things that have been bothering me. I didn't realize that there were things that I was ignoring until the meds stripped away my defenses...LOL. thanks Jaime for letting my cry (literally) on your shoulder! It was nice to be able to just let it all out without feeling like I am making someone feel know what I mean. Lol

Have a great BFC day everyone and remember.....for the next 3 days I might be whining a little too much.....just ignore me. LOL


  1. Only 2.5 lbs to go! That is amazing! Good luck with your allergies! I have heard they are bad this year.

  2. Oh Randi, you can whine as much as you want. I know that sometimes its not worth taking the meds. I am one of those types that have to have the headache all day before I take the asprin.
    I hope you find some kind of solution. I know you must be uncomfortable.
    Try and have a good day :-)