Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Hey everybody....woke up this morning and was down another pound! Happy mother's day to me! Lol. I am meeting my mom and sis in law for breakfast and then going on a horse poker ride. Should be a great time but they picked IHOP of all places. After doing my research, I have decided to eat at home before we go and then just enjoy a cup of coffee. I always have my own creamer and stevia on hand so not a problem. I am just not willing to risk putting hidden sugar in my body and having things go all wonky at this point. I sure am glad I didn't try to wing it this time! Sitting at 130.5 is awesome because that means by mid week next week I should see 120 something pop up! I am excited again and very motivated.

I hope you all have wonderful Mothers days with your moms, kids, family and friends.
BFC for life!!!

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  1. Happy Mothers Day!!! Good call on just having coffee at IHOP, there food is crazy high in sugar and you are doing so awesome :)