Monday, May 30, 2011

.5 today

Good morning everybody! I am at 125.5 today. Maybe a little stress is good for helping lose the last little bit. Lol! I have a shopping trip planned this morning for some summer clothes so I am excited that I'm only. 5 away from my goal. Should make shopping rewarding. Especially because there is a 50% off sale! This week I will be evaluating my body to see if I think I should lose a little more. The numbers don't matter as much as how I look and there is still a little extra fluff in a couple of places that I think I could do without. No body is perfect but why not shoot for the best right?

To get here I have stuck with my psyllium husks in the am, uncle Sam's cereal for breakfast, a sandwich on orowheat light for lunch, and mostly protein for dinner. Snacks are few and far between but I do like a couple of pieces of sugar free chocolate, a berry smoothie, or Orville redenbacher kettle corn. I drink peach tea by the gallon and a few cups of coffee with stevia and non dairy powdered creamer or half and half. Pretty simple!

Have a happy memorial day and keep it belly good!

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  1. you have done such a good job on the loss. You should be very proud. Have fun shopping. :-)