Thursday, April 14, 2011

Life went from fairly predictable to pretty much crazy busy this last month. I have had a few adjustments along the way....but I am getting the hang of it. I guess life thought it was time to shake things up a bit! My DVR is filling up with shows I don't have time to watch and there are a few things I haven't had the time to do (spring cleaning, clean out my closet, keep my files organized and go grocery shopping) but I am keeping up on the normal day to day stuff. I have lots of help from my hubby. He doesn't always know what needs done but will always do what ever I ask. Since I am an ocd clean freak, it would be near impossible for anyone to keep house the way I would so I am very impressed with his efforts!! He really is taking care of everybody very well. I always have coffee made in the morning and dinner at night. The house isn't trashed so when I have my moments of wanting everything to be just right, it doesn't take long to get it there. He is not the clean freak I am but he KNOWS me so he makes the effort to make me happy. I just can't ask for more than that! My kids have settled into the new routine without much fuss. That really surprised me (in a good way) because I really didn't think they would. I make an effort to spend time with them in the evenings....throw the ball for Ross to help him with his fielding skills, take Ally to do our horse thing.... talk with Colbey and Drew about things when they are general, be accessable to my kids so they know they are still my top priority. Sometimes it isn't easy to do that when I just want to relax and let my brain go to mush, but I have seen how happy it makes them and that is more than enough to make it worthwhile. Me going to work has done more than just help Grandma, it has also pulled our family closer together, making us more of a team than ever before. The kids pitch in to do what needs done and we work well together. If I would have known it would be like this, I might have gone to work long ago! LOL. Just kidding. I do miss being at home all the time where I can do whatever I want, when I want and I probably won't work when this job is no longer available but I do love doing it right now and I am happy that everyone is adjusting without a problem. I love my life. =0) On a great note, my parents should be home from thier Arizona winter today or tomorrow. They still are an hour away but I will get to see them very soon I am sure!! It will be nice just to know they are home. They made it back in time to see some of the games too! The rest of this week is going to be crazy....taking Grandma to the doctor again today and occupational therapy is coming out this afternoon, then back to the doc tomorrow and then to her hair appointment. Saturday, we have a soccer game and then I have to take my horse to the chiropractor and Sunday, we have to go get hay. But date night with my hubby!!!! Sweet!! Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Randi, it sounds like getting out of the house was the best thing for your family after all.
    They don't seem to take you for granted at all.
    Sounds like you are all really happy with your situation.
    Have a great day :-)