Friday, April 22, 2011

I'm positive...

My rant today is about being positive. At my little kids spring concert last night, one of the classes sang a song that says you're not completely dressed without a smile. I love it! A smile means everything! I have faced many adversities, had my share of life stress, physical and emotional issues and have learned that if you make something positive out of a bad situation, life is all the better for it. The song last night reminded me to do it with a smile. Sometimes, I have approached things as a "task" to be accomplished or a problem to be conquered. I would go in fierce and furious to get it done. The results were good...I made something positive out of the situation....usually by sheer determination and conviction....but not always with a smile. I think that if I take that same problem or issue and use the same determination but add in a smile, it would be even better! Life can be sucky sometimes....the more you fight it, the more seems to pile on, pushing you to new limits and expanding the dimensions of your personality.....i.e. experience. When taken with a smile, things just don't seem so bad. One example I can use is that one of my boys is sick....viral cold or mono, we don't know yet. He is homebound for now until we find out. He is missing a lot of school and his beloved baseball. It is a challenging time for him right now. Rather than being all stressed out about it and making everybody upset due to tension and frustration, I am thankful that I am getting to spend the extra one on one time with him. I get to be "Mommy" for what may be the last time with him because he is 15. Sure, we will get his missed school work and stay on top of it as much as we can, practice baseball in the house (yep, I'm that kind of and do what we can to minimize damage but I am happy to get to be here for him, spend time with him and coddle him for a little while because it just might be the last time he lets me! So....I am going to do it with a smile!

Smiling makes you feel better, is contagious, and spreads kindness and happiness. It can make somebody's day....why not yours???

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  1. I know what you mean, sometimes its so hard to put on a smile when things are bad, but if your do - somehow it just makes everything seem not so bad.
    I hope you enjoy your time with your son and he gets better soon.