Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Friday!! Today is an exciting day for me. I am working this morning and getting my stuff ready for a weekend away with my horse. This afternoon my awesome hubby is working for me again so I can go to Earth Day at my kids school. I also get my Mother's Day present today....yep its way early but I don't care. LOL. My hubby bought me a Xoom tablet! Finally, I will have a way to keep up with everybodys blogs, emails, and websites. =0) We are also doing our Easter party tonight because of me being gone for the weekend. All such wonderful things, I don't know what I am looking forward to most! LOL. It's like Christmas for me today! I am so excited, I woke up at 5am instead of 6:15. hehe. I got so much done with my day off yesterday. I cleaned the fridge, did dishes, got dinner started, bleached and scrubbed my bath tub, put clothes away, took stuff to the Goodwill, got the shopping done, prepped for our Easter party and did 4 loads of laundry. I even had time to watch a few of my shows that were piling up on my DVR! Oh, and I found the best pair of jeans yet! My new favorites.....they fit perfectly! I also found a couple of super cute vests too as a bonus! Then we went and watched out two youngest kids sing in a spring concert at thier school. Gotta love watching kids sing!! I am hoping to be as productive today even though I won't be home for most of it.

I seem to have stabilized again as far as the weight loss goes. It is a typical part of my weight loss cycle so I am not even worried about it. The only thing I think I need to do is make sure I get my water in (been sort of slacking on that a little bit) and take probiotics regularly. My family has been struggling with icky bugs (cold, flu, possible mono) as you know so I think its best if I focus on staying healthy by eating right. I am almost positive that is why I haven't gotten sick yet. Usually, when one of my kids get sick, I am right there with them. I have a very physically active weekend coming up so I anticipate a drop in weight then. At the horse clinic, we do 4 hours of groundwork (which means I am on my feet moving for that time) followed by four hours in the saddle. The type of riding I do is not passive but rather very active so I will be burning calories like crazy. SWEET!

Well thats if for now....have a great BFC friday!! And Happy Easter!!

My inside scoop......every mini candy bar I have looked at only has 5g of sugar so you can have ONE if you make sure you arent getting the sugar anywhere else.

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